Technical Site Audit for SEO 2015 Edition

Use this checklist to help you audit your own website and determine what is hindering the organic performance of the site in the search engines. Write up a report to prioritise what needs to be done then work through the most important first and then down the list.

Quick Site Audit overview

  • Check that pages are actually indexed in Google
    • Perform a site search in Google by typing in the search box “”
    • How many pages are returned, does this number seem correct? For example if your site is a five page accountancy site how many of these pages show up when you perform that search? (Do note though if the website or web pages have just been published, it may take a few days before they appear in Google).
    • The homepage should be showing as the first result.
    • If the homepage does not show in the number one spot then this could suggest that there are site issues such as a Google penalty or poor site architecture or internal linking.
  • Check the number of organic landing pages within Google Analytics
    • You will need to sign up to Google Analytics first and verify your site before these metrics can be found.
    • Once you are able to see this number, does it match with the number when the site search is performed?
    • This will be a good indicator as to what the search engines see as being valuable pages to have indexed.
  • Search for brand and branded terms



With thanks to SEOHello for helping produce this technical SEO site audit guide.